Your Rope Team - Climb for Fanconi Anemia

Join the Team

Mount Rainier is 14,410 feet high. The FA Rope Team set the audacious goal of raising $10 for every foot or $144,100 to help battle Fanconi Anemia. Thanks to your support we were able to reach the summit of Rainier. Now the FA Rope Team needs your help reaching the “Second Summit” by reaching our fundraising goal. Thanks to the generosity of our past sponsors we have raised over $86,000 so far. Please help the team reach the top of the “Second Summit” by choosing one of the sponsorship options below…

  1. Ice Axe Sponsor – Provides stability during the climb - 1 penny per foot or $144

  2. Ice Anchor Sponsor – Protects the team while crossing crevasses - 2 pennies per foot or $288

  3. Carabineer Sponsor – Keeps the team roped together -1 nickel per foot or  $720

  4. Rope Team Member Sponsor – Supports the team in life and death situations - 1 dime per foot or $1,400

To join the Rope Team, please make checks payable to "FA Research Fund" and mail them to 1801 Williamette Street, Suite 200 Eugene, OR 97401. Make sure to write “FA Rope Team” in the memo.

You can also call the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund (FARF) directly and make your donation via credit card over the phone. Their number is 1-888-FANCONI (888-326-2664). Please be sure to tell them you are joining the FA Rope Team.

The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund's 5013c number is 93-0995453. The organization will send you a thank you letter that will serve as a receipt for your taxes.